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UAWARE unmanned systems

Performance, safety, ruggedness


Unmanned system....

.... with vertical take-off and landing capability and highly efficient forward flight

Unmanned system

Advantages ....

.... for field teams, company management and even for transport fleet manager


Thanks to hybrid VTOL construction with vertical take-off and landing capability in the copter regime and highly efficient forward flight in the airplane regime it is possible, within the single flight, to cover the area many times larger than with conventional copter.


UAWARE unmanned system requires the minimal crew for its operation. It doesn´t require catapult device for take-off and recovery system for landing. Take-offs and landings are always smooth and without risk of payload damage. The payload is integrated into easily exchangeable modules for different applications. Energy sources in form of battery modules are also easily exchangeable in a matter of seconds. All aspects mentioned above minimizing requirements for crew and time required to complete the mission.


UAWARE system is designed with the maximal emphasis on the safety of aerial operations from the first conceptual idea. Safety requirements have been reflected to design in form of redundant systems, detailed flight characteristics analysis,  integration of propulsion system with the highest performance and of course also by integration of parachute recovery system for maintaining safety even in the most difficult situations.


UAWARE unmanned system is capable of operation in bad weather conditions. This capability increases  time available for flight operations and valuable data collection throughout all the possible applications. The system is capable of operation in strong wind and it has resistance to rain precipitation. Above mentioned characteristics allows flight operations even in weather conditions in which it has to be canceled when conventional civilian systems are used.


UAWARE unmanned system is easily transportable to the place of flight operations. The complete system fits into the transport box which may be transported in the luggage compartment of a passenger car.


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